Talentcall 2013 - Winners

Congratulations to everyone who performed in this years Grand Final.

This years Winners are...

Overall Winner: Chris Todd

Runners Up: AlienZoo
(Gym Contortion)

Audience Winner: Carla Murray

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Here's what previous contestants
say about us......

An absolutely huge thank you to everyone that has supported me in anyway over the past three years I've done Talentcall And a massive thank you for the Talentcall Bournemouth team, for all you've done for me over the past 3 years. You guys run an amazing show and I couldn't have asked for anyone better to have done this journey with :D
Toby Stannard 2011 Senior Winner

Well done to everyone who performed in the junior and senior finals of Talentcall 2011 yesterday! 2 fantastic shows were put on by amazing people! 2 very long days for you but I hope you can see the worthwhile outcome! AMAZING COUPLE OF DAYS WITH YOU! I'll be back next year!
Mark Anstead

Well done to all the performing acts yesterday.!! Thank you to all the staff on the talentcall team as you have made this competition a friendly, enjoyable, fun experience thanks again I really appreciate being part of the competition and finals!!! Xx
Alisha Blake

Big massive well done to everyone last night, we are all winners! BOURNEMOUTH PAVILION wow! Also thank you Talentcall for a very organised, professional and fun series of talent shows, For the love of music

A Huge congratulations to all the winners last night, all well deserved, what a tough job those judges had, everyone was amazing! And congratulations also to the Talentcall Bournemouth team for putting on yet another brilliant show. See you all next year! xx
Angie Hobbs

Thank you so much to the team for putting on such an incredible show!! What an honor to perform on that stage alongside such incredible talent!! See you all again next year!!
Jackie-Ross Lavendar

Thank you Talentcall and all your great workers, 2 amazing shows, both were very exciting shows with truly the best of Bournemouth wow all amazing!!! And very big well done to all the winners xxxxxxx
Kelly Middleton

Fantastic night tonight, loved every second that I was on that stage :) well done to all the acts tonight, you're all incredibly, INCREDIBLY talented
Josh Baum
Talentcall 2013

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Talentcall 2013 Grand Finalists!

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