Our Team
Nathan Flutter
Technical Manager

Nathan Flutter is one of the founding fathers of Talentcall and Whitewall events and has been involved in the entertainment industry for many years.

As well as managing and organsing our events, Nathan can be found operating the sound equipment and queueing the show.

Keira McGuire Event Manager

Another of Talentcalls original crew, Keira is a professionally dance teachier and was trained and performed with the Royal Ballet.

Keira runs the competition, interfaces with our competitors and makes sure that everything is fair and runs smoothly.

Chris Gamble
Stage Manager and Technician

Chris was a successful keyboard player for many years, and has been part of the Talentcall team for 5 years.

Chris makes sure that everything on-stage is correct and that acts are able to perform to their very best.

Sarah Gamble
Front of House Manager

Since 2007 Sarah has made herself invaluable as part of the Talentcall team.

Sarah manages front of house operations ensuring that every Talentcall event is a fantastic evening of entertainment.

Tom Gamble
Lighting Technician

Tom is currently on a Stage Management Degree course but became a member of the team after competing in Talentcall 2007.

Tom controls the lighting desk during all the Talentcall events and assists with all things technical.